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Here’s what some people had to say about working with Dan

“Half way through Dan’s book ‘Driven’ I desperately wanted an introduction session which convinced me to do a 6 month coaching program. If Dan’s ideas and coaching would be subject at school, the world would be a better place. I believe there wouldn’t be that many frustrated people outside with so many weird behaviors. Personally speaking for myself, it was the best money I have invested so far. I highly recommend his books, work and coaching.”

– Daniel Traeger, 6 month program client


“[The Programme] has me feeling like nothing is out of my reach. [Dan] helped me figure out what I want from life, without limits… I loved the exercise where everything is broken down into manageable steps that I can control… it’s challenging but positive – makes achieving goals and dreams realistic”

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– Steph O’Neale, 6 month program client


“Hiya Dan, I just wanted to let ya know your way of doing things has worked like magic!

I can now have coffee, eat dinner and do anything on my own without feeling anxious, presentations are going really well and I have stepped it up to present to a big group of bankers in a few weeks….. I joined two networking groups on my own and made some excellent contacts, and getting heaps better at going in cold to situations!!!! Honestly since our session it’s like magic!

I owe you a beer my friend! Thanks very much for your tools and words of wisdom”

– Nicola Pirie, 3 month program client


“I am so grateful for the advice you gave for my career, I look forward to working with you more in the future”

– Albert, after his first career coaching session


“The changes I have made since before I had coaching to now: quit a job I hated, went back to uni, for the most part quit drinking and gained hobbies like baking, writing and boxing (my hobby used to be drinking). The changes internally are equally dramatic. I used to be obsessed with my weight and now I don’t use a scale. I used to think my dreams of travelling and being a writer were ridiculous and now I believe I can do achieve them and I’m moving to Europe in 3 months. The benefits from the time with Dan are priceless.”

– Bree Logue, 6 month program client


“Dan’s straight forwardness and specifics were refreshing as insightful. At 58 years old and recently unemployed I was frustrated and stuck. Dan’s gentle but firm manner coaxed me along till I had a grasp of the direction I wanted to head and next actions to take. I am most comfortable working with Dan, he speaks to my heart and professional side as one in the same. I love integrating my life to be one and the same. I believe this is where Dan shines, he is authentic and best of all leads by example.”

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– Kater, after her first career and confidence session


“To have coaching sessions with Dan is so much more than setting and achieving goals, it’s about facing your fears and answering questions you didn’t even know you had. While you may come in feeling hopeful with a dream and a rough plan, you will leave feeling empowered and like YOU ARE on top of the world. He will not perform miracles or tell what to do, however he will prove that YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to and that there are no limits aside from the ones you set for yourself.”

– Gabriela Motoi, 1 month program client


“As a typical nice guy with low self confidence, Dan and his coaching has made a phenomenal impact on my life and has hugely increased my self confidence. He is understanding and listens to what you want and guides in the direction you want to go. I highly recommend his courses and his coaching.”

– Anthony Zhou, 3 month program client