Dealing with Disgust and Offense

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Are you a highly sensitive person? We all get disgusted and offended when we encounter someone obnoxious or repugnant. This is a natural emotion that allows us to detect threats, poison and bad people for us. But when we are raised to become easily offended, we will struggle to enjoy life. If we find everything disgusting it overwhelms us. We Read More

Dealing with Sadness

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We all get sad. Sometimes this leads to feeling depressed or even major depression because we don’t deal with it properly. We see sadness as signs of depression, ptsd, and depression, when really it’s a completely normal human emotion that allows us to experience empathy, connection and understanding.

The Truth About Death

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I’ve set myself a challenge: To prove to you that you have already died, many times, and therefore have no reason to fear death. TELEPORTATION It’s become apparent that travelling through space in a physical way – e.g. sitting in a spaceship – is ineffective, and unlikely to be a viable solution for colonizing other planets like Mars. Far more Read More

How to Stop Being Shy

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Many people repeat the anti-confidence mantra “I’m shy” on a regular basis. It’s often based on the flawed idea that this character trait is inbuilt and permanent. The good news is that our personalities are flexible, when we allow them to be. “Neuroscience techniques can be used to influence behaviour, improve memory and confront fear.” – Marcus Clarke Even though Read More

10 Reasons Why Younger Guys Should Be Confident Around Older Women

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If you’re a younger man trying to date an older woman you need to be radiating confidence in order to succeed. Confidence is a key characteristic you need to demonstrate if you want a chance with an older woman. Without confidence, you’re going to scare them away and not enjoy the process of dating for yourself. Here are the top Read More

7 Neuroscience Hacks to Wire Your Brain for Integrity

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Neuroscience refers to the study of the functioning and structure of the brain and nervous system. It includes several branches of biology including biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, neural circuits and anatomy. Neuroscience techniques can be used to influence behaviour, improve memory and confront fear. The following 7 hacks can be used to wire your brain for integrity – integrity here Read More