How to Stay Cool in High-Pressure Situations

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THE RAPIST WAS ON THE LOOSE… Neill*, a serial kidnapper and potential rapist, had absconded from his Home Detention address. There was no GPS monitoring on his electronic ankle bracelet, so we had no idea where he’d gone. All we knew was what the forensic psychologist had warned us about when Neill was first released from prison – “If he Read More

What 100 People Pleasers Say They Have in Common

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This People Pleaser survey was conducted over the months of November-December in 2017, as part of market research for my new coaching program The Honesty Effect: 3X Your Social Confidence to Free Yourself from People Pleasing in Just 12 Weeks. Over 100 people responded to the survey, and I’ve analysed the results with my feedback here. If you identify as Read More

Fear of Success – The Truth Behind Self-Sabotage

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If you’re like me, and most other people, your worst enemy is yourself. Unfortunately, this isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, you’ll truly believe you are trying your best and doing everything you can to overcome whatever the current block is for you. Yet you repeatedly fail. It seems unlikely to you that you are sabotaging yourself, because you are trying so Read More

Let it Go: How to Stop Being Needy

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Detachment is the ultimate goal for anyone who wants to enjoy life as it is. Letting go of someone you love, or your needy attachment to money, or any other form of outcome-dependence, is the best way to live. You can manage your stress and anxiety be learning to love the process rather than the results. BUT… this is much Read More

Dealing with Fear [Managing Emotions Series]

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Because we’ve been taught that fear and anxiety are “bad” to experience, we react to fear in an unhelpful way, often making it worse. In this video, Dan looks at how to make fear work for you. Instead of developing anxiety disorders and having panic attacks, or becoming afraid of fear itself, you can make fear your friend and allow Read More

How Can I Work On Myself When My Partner Isn’t Supportive?

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In a marriage or other partnership, it’s inevitable that one person will start developing more than the other, at some point. Self improvement with a soulmate can be more challenging than expected, especially if they aren’t interested. This video is relationship advice for anyone trying to grow within their relationship.

Dealing with Grief [Managing Emotions Series]

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The grieving process – often referred to through the 5 stages of grief – is one of the toughest emotional journeys the human mind can take. If you’re struggling with how to deal with death, or coping with loss, and getting depression while dealing with losing a loved one, this video might help you reframe your loss into something a Read More