What’s Happening with Brojo in 2017

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  Brojo had a great year in 2016, and we’re looking to constantly improve, as always. We’ll be expanding and changing in 2017, but let’s first review the previous year. 2016 – The Year of Curiosity 2016 was a wonderful year of growth and new initiatives This was the first year we tried Memberships. That made it much easier for Read More

Career satisfaction quiz

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  Are you living your Bliss, Purpose or Mission? Don’t worry if you’re not; there’s still time. Most people are trained to obey the expectations of society and take the ‘safe’ options. But this safety is an illusion. If you’re not doing what you love for a living, you will end up full of remorse, boredom and dissatisfaction. On the Read More

The Perfect Job Survey

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Complete this quick quiz and get a free copy of “The Perfect Job”, You might even get invited to a very exclusive FREE career coaching session with Career and Confidence Coach Dan Munro, Director of The Inspirational Lifestyle…

Dream Come True: I am now a full time Confidence and Career Coach!

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As of now I am officially an “entrepreneur”. After almost 18 months of battling against seemingly impossible obstacles, I have now taken the leap, committing to my Purpose with everything I have. I am now a full time Career and Confidence Coach, an author, and internet marketer. And who knows what else I’ll end up doing. To celebrate, I have Read More