Create A Shameless, Confident & Authentic Life

Feeling Stuck Or Uncertain About How To Be Yourself?

Ready To Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

Friends tell you what to do, but not how to do it..
Family give you advice they don’t live themselves…
Imagine highly effective coaching from someone who has been where you are!


– creating a strong sense of self-worthiness, by overcoming limitations and taking responsibility for your life, so that you can be shameless and limitless around other people.
– managing time vs energy, breaking through procrastination and overcoming the fear of doing those uncomfortable but necessary things, so that you achieve your goals and aren’t left regretting wasted time.
– building true integrity through courageously living according to your values, so you create consistent habits that make you proud of yourself.
– living with the deep certainty that you are free from barriers, false identity, fear and anxiety, so that you become the Creator of your life and not a Victim.

Is coaching with Dan right for YOU?
See for yourself…


The qualities of people I do my best work with:

You gotta be someone who is dedicated to improving yourself. Someone with the willingness and openness to try out new ideas/experiences. I particularly love working with those of you who have good intentions for the impact you want to have on the world. And, most importantly, you need to be someone who is an action-taker; someone who will try to do whatever it takes to be authentic and become the higher-level person you are capable of being.

I specialise in helping good people who have a tendency to hold themselves back due to social fears. If you’re a people-pleaser, or you find yourself moderating how you speak and act in front of others, then I’m your man. I help people like you become assertive, confident and honest, without being dragged under worrying what other people will think. If you think it’s time you became a leader, both in your life and the outside world, let’s talk.

Common qualities of people I DON’T work with:

People who are all talk and no action, people who believe there is a quick-fix, and who are not open to real efforts. People who are flaky, unwilling to give something a real go. I can’t help people who are unwilling to leave their comfort zone. You don’t need to know ‘how’ to live differently, I only require that you be willing to try new things.

You’ll need to accept responsibility for your life if you want my coaching to work for you – people who shift the blame without taking responsibility will not benefit from coaching.





If you’re curious about coaching and want to learn more, grab yourself a copy of Dan’s book The Legendary Life. Coaching spots are by invitation and referral only, so either start a dialogue with Dan by emailing him or get a previous client to refer you.



Nothing hurts more than regret…



Are you ready to start REALLY living?

My clients are people who are ready to let go of an ordinary, fear-ridden life. They are ready to step up and be the person they WISH they were.

I have learned something special that I want to pass on to those who are ready to receive it.

I know the process for how to create an authentic, meaningful and exciting life.

There’s a process for becoming the confident person you wish you could be. To live a life that has no limitations and makes the best use of your unique strengths. I know because I’ve been there.

I learned how to take myself from fake, nice and meek, through to unashamed, unapologetic, and confident about my mission.

I have worked with CEOs, artists, athletes and academics. People who want to change the world, and people who just want to change themselves. People who have a passion for social connection but lack the confidence to enjoy all of their opportunities. People who have creative and brilliant business ideas but lack the courage to commit to it.

My clients are going to change the world, by unleashing the enormous creative and impactful potential every human possesses… once fear gets out of the way.

Do you want to say goodbye to people-pleasing behaviours, self-doubt, unfulfilling jobs, and shallow relationships?

Do you want to see how far your potential can actually take you, as if you were completely fearless?

If so, then Yes, YOU are ready.

What makes me different from all the other coaches and mentors out there?

1. Everyone else just tells you WHAT TO DO (e.g. stop caring what other people think, profit from your passions, do what you love), but I’m the guy who will actually help you figure out HOW TO DO IT, step by step.

2. I’ve completed the full journey myself, from being completely stuck in a rut, lost and severely lacking in self-confidence, through to having unbreakable self-worth and self-belief from living my purpose. I have been through all the setbacks and heartaches, taken risks, and come out alive on the other side, including becoming a successful entrepreneur. Others claim to be experts without having walked the painful journey themselves.

3. I offer full introductory coaching sessions for FREE with no obligation, so you can try before you buy. I don’t assume we’re a good fit, I test it. If we’re not, then that’s ok. I don’t charge for my time; I charge for the impact it has on your life. Everyone else offers 20min ‘consultations’ so they can just give you the big sales pitch. I won’t put any pressure on you, we’ll simply explore together and see if it’s the right way forward for both of us.

4. I will not work with just anyone. This is not just about money for me. I am looking to work with people who want to have a positive impact on the world, good people who deserve a great lifestyle and fulfilling career.


If you’re curious about coaching and want to learn more, get yourself free access to the Confident Mindset Inner Circle first. Coaching spots are by invitation and referral only, so either start a dialogue with Dan by emailing him or get a previous client to refer you.



My clients get RESULTS:
An active climber moved up in her company to train as a business owner. When we first started talking she was terrified to just ask for a promotion. A month later her business was up and running, and she’s the boss, taking groups around the mountainsides of Perth at her leisure.
A chronic Nice Guy people-pleaser came to me, having never been on a date before in his entire life. He would always be too nice and manipulative to make people like him, rather than being authentic. Now he is honest and courageous, can approach and talk to women like James Bond, and even built up the courage to confess attraction towards a long-term friend. He also now gives advice on how to overcome performance anxiety for artists.
A loving mother and wife from a severely abusive background learned how to stop putting other people first. In our first conversation she spoke of herself with pure spite and self-loathing. Within 3 months she now sees herself as a worthy and wonderful person, deserving of the best in life. She has even learned to forgive and accept those who wronged her in childhood.
A shy recluse with serious social anxiety came to me due to frustration at spending night after night home alone. Within 1 month he had developed the skill and courage to approach complete strangers, start conversations, and be-friend them. He can now turn into situation into a social event where he is the leader, and has become a role-model for his younger cousins.
After a lifetime of battling bravely against the apathy and sadness of depression, a friendly and determined PA has now quit her job and started her own artistic business, working from home. She gets to decide how she lives her live, and has found a wonderful partner – her first long-term relationship.
A formally confident man came to me a shadow of his former self, destroyed by a substance addiction that started as pain medication. After our first 2 sessions he completely quit the substance and has not used since, without any painful withdrawals or relapse thoughts. After 2 years of this drug and the pain destroying everything he had built, he is now back to living his dream life of surfing and excelling in the science field.
A sufferer of OCD and confidence issues wanted some career advice. She had been in the same low-end retail job for 10 years, with the same boring routine every week. After 6 months of coaching she went back to University to finish her studies, traveled to Asia and America, found the love of her life, and designed a new career based on her deepest passions.

If you’re curious about coaching and want to learn more, get yourself free access to the sample chapters of The Legendary Life first. Coaching spots are by invitation and referral only, so either start a dialogue with Dan by emailing him or get a previous client to refer you.


So NOW is the time to decide on your future…


My sessions are strictly by invite only, and I don’t start charging until I’m sure we’re a good fit and that I can serve you powerfully. My clients are people ready to invest time, money and energy into becoming the future leaders of their lives and possibly the world. My coaching starts at $300 per month for 6 months – this is not for people ‘sort of’ interested in self-development. My clients are ready to become legendary.

You owe to yourself to make the best life possible. By pursuing Authenticity you can make this happen, one step at a time.

And I may just be the man to help you do it.



To your success!

Dan Munro