What To Do When You Run Out Of Things To Say…

social mastery


Social Mastery Seminar with Dan Munro, Confidence Coach and Lead Brojo Facilitator


Do you want the skills to create meaningful connections with anyone, anywhere and anytime?

Do you know how to start a conversation but sometimes struggle with what to say next?

Do you want to be a confident, conversation leader?

Initiate and create a deep, meaningful conversation with anyone

This seminar is ideal for guys who are interested in meeting new people and creating a large, quality social circle, or wanting to improve their dating options.

We will cover some basic approaching strategies that won’t trigger someone’s defenses, while still being completely authentic and honest.

No more worrying about “what to say next”

If you already know the basics on how to approach and initiate a conversation with people, but then find it’s sometimes challenging to keep the conversation going, this seminar is for YOU.

We will explore two different conversation models that are proven to work consistently. No lines, routines, or scripts. Learn how to stop ‘interviewing’ people, or leaving the conversation when you ‘run out’ of things to say. With these models, you can keep a conversation going for as long as you like!

Lead a conversation beyond small talk

It’s rare that we connect deeply with a complete stranger. This is mostly because people do not know how to lead a conversation beyond small talk and niceities. In this seminar, you will learn a POWERFUL model of conversation leadership that opens people up to a deeper experience. And best of all, you still get to have fun!

Say goodbye to the fear of rejection

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm, Monday 6th Oct

Location: Potters Park Events Center, 164 Balmoral Rd, Mt Eden


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Casual – $99.00 – Add to Cart

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