I’m on a mission to change the world…

I want to give Good People the confidence they need to create a life worth living.

More social confidence. A deep sense of purpose. The courage to be authentic. No more missed opportunities or pretending. Just living the way you were always meant to.

And that’s why I love doing podcasts and other interviews, as well as writing for inspiring resources. If you’d like to interview me or have me write for you, contact me here.

Scroll below to enjoy interviews with me and experts in the field, as well as other recommended resources:

The Social Confidence Mastery Podcast interview where I discuss People Pleasing with Myke Macapinlac.

john cooper

The Social Heartistry interview where I discuss the Nothing to Lose with John Cooper.


The Skyes the Limit Career Breakthrough interview where I discuss the Confidence in Your Career with Paul Ames.


The Glistening Particles Podcast interview where I discuss the Creating a Fulfilling Lifestyle with Jane Ellen.

fulfilled hungary

The Fulfilled Hungary blog interview where I discuss the Truthfulness with Bence Biro.

richard-phu forge your life podcast

The Forge Your Life podcast, where I discuss the Kryptonite of Confidence with men’s coach Richard Phu.


The epic Endless Confidence program, my contribution to Sean Russell’s Menprovement Academy. First two lessons are free!


The Coachzing podcast show, where I talk about how to improve your business authentically through connecting with influencers.


My interview with Sean Russell for the Menprovement.com podcast about how to build social confidence in small steps.

art of charm logo

My interview with Jordan Harbinger for The Art of Charm about how to stop people-pleasing.


My interview with Malaysian Radio Station BFM 89.9 about how to live a limitless lifestyle.

love and sensibility podcast

My interview with Ean Floyd on the Love & Sensibility podcast about authenticity in relationships.

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conversations that matter

My interview with Real Estate guru Teri Conrad on the Conversations That Matter podcast, about confidence in sales.


Free access to the superstar 10-expert summit Business Fitness for Peak Performance, which I feature as a guest on confidence in business.