The “I’m Not Good Enough” Story

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Those of you who are interested in mindfulness will like this…

Each of us has a secret. A BIG secret. The world’s best kept secret in fact! And it’s this:

We all have negatives voice inside our heads, telling us terrible things about ourselves.

These voices talk us out of taking action, create doubt and confusion, and chip away at our self-confidence. It sounds like rational truth, careful skeptical analysis of ourselves.

But it’s complete Bullshit.

And we know that, deep down. Yet we continue to listen to the voices and get down about ourselves. Our self-esteem takes a hit every time we tune in to this particular radio station…

Well, no more! Today I’m going to share something I learned from the master of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dr Russ Harris himself. Check out this video on how to deal with the I’m not good enough story in your mind:



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